Welcoming baby Isaiah to the Rios nest

March 21, 2010

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”  
Isaiah 139:14

This was a very special celebration and the beginning of it all!  Not only is Claudia Rios my beloved friend and we were so excited for the arrival of her precious babybut also in putting together this celebration welcoming Isaiah to the Rios nest, is where I found my passion for creating beauty and making someone’s special day unique!  

The weather could not have been better!  We prayed and prayed that there will be no rain and once more He blessed us with an amazing sky, nice breeze and the most beautiful sunny day.  We couldn’t asked for more!  But there was more… Lulu and Corrado blessed us with their amazing musical talent and great experience in getting any party going.  My very special friend and the organizer of all of this was Karen Rivera, along with the help of her sister Claudia Lemus provided us with mouth-watering food.  Everyone went back for seconds!  Then my faithful friend Ayo Garcia entertained us with fun games and prizes.  No one wanted to leave, we had to extend the celebration, no questions asked!  We are grateful to Michelle Mallet for capturing the details of this special celebration and Carolyn Jones for her incredible touch in Claudia’s makeup.  Please leave your comments and love!  

***Special thanks to the “A Team” Carla, you were my right hand!  What would I have         done without you?  Michele… thank you, you worked it girl!  Yaneth… I am grateful! 




3 Responses to “Welcoming baby Isaiah to the Rios nest”

  1. this has been the most beautiful baby shower I have ever attended …the details, the food, the decoration and the music were absolutely great!!!!Carolyn Jones

  2. Anonymous said

    Beautifully design and the location is breathtaking! Excellent job!

  3. Ayo said

    Everthing was perfect and so beautiful!!

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