Oh what a night!

August 23, 2010

It started like any good night should NEVER start, with a downpour out of nowhere.  But even the rain couldn’t damper our spirits. We were so determined to have a GOOD time. Ok!  Forget the idea of lighting candles along the pathway leading up to the house and large pin wheel decorations in the backyard next to the tiki torches.  Well, then… now we are on to plan B… everything indoors (except the torches of course), get the pin wheels inside… dry please!  Decorate and let’s party!

WooHoo!!!  Birthday girl looked stunning…  she was wearing a RED cocktail dress by Keka Gozalez cut and tailored to compliment her great silhouette.  Laura is a natural beauty with a great sense of style and a heart of gold.  I was honored to be a small part of her birthday celebration.  

The family (from Kansas City) and friends arrived… everyone that needed to be there was there, Tatiana included!  Lulu & Corrado showed off their incredible aptitude for music throughout the night!  What an extraordinary and enjoyable assortment of people gathered together in one place!  We danced, ate, drank, sang, talked, laughed over and over again. Mother nature withheld from any further cloudburst and our night ended just like a GREAT night should end… we had an AWESOME time and memories that will last a lifetime!

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as we ALL did, just a simple touch of color and fun to transform this beautiful home into a party atmosphere.   

Great photos by James Scott Siler.   


4 Responses to “Oh what a night!”

  1. jssiler said

    Eileen, thank you for the theme and all the colorful items you provided that added a wonderful punch to the evening. It was great working with you.Sincerely,J. Scott

  2. Mike said

    Eileen,Your writing is eloquent and your dancing is impeccable!! I had a great time at the party!Regards,Mike (the Gringo!!)

  3. Lourdes M said

    It was a pleasure to team with you to make this event not great but magical and heavenly.Sincerely,LuLu & Corrado.

  4. how beautiful…I love all your work!!! you are so talented wow

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