Wedding Posing 101

November 1, 2010

So much goes into a wedding.  The planning feels like is for ever and when the day finally gets here… it all happens so fast.  You are married!  And exhausted.  The gorgeous makeup goes away, the dress gets dirty, the cake got eaten, and the party is finished.  Then what?  All that remains is the memories and yes, thank goodness… THE PICTURES!

Hopefully your photographer captured all those moments to remember and all your photos are in focus without crazy stuff in the background!  

For a little inspiration… This are some photos taken by some of my favorite photographers.

Jasmine Star… you got to love her!  I do!  (I really hope she doesn’t mind me showing off her awesome work)


The next two are from Diana Lupu Photography… I just love her style, the images speak for themselves!

I found this very useful information on the internet and thought… hmmmm…. some of you would have wished to have this information before your wedding photo session.  Well, here it is… if you are blessed enough to read this before your wedding, go ahead… dream on, practice and get prepared to have fabulous images.  

1. Don’t stand square in front of the camera. This is where the saying “the camera adds ten pounds” came from. Stand slightly sideways and move your head towards the camera or angle one shoulder towards the camera to avoid the bulkiness.
2. Point your nose away from the camera and look at the camera. This makes for a sexy smile that isn’t head on and flat looking.
3. Put your weight on mostly one leg. This will help you shift your weight and show off curves and angles that photographers love.
4. Go with the flow. Don’t be shy to be yourself on camera. It’s better to be extra silly and adventurous than stand there awkwardly. Remember that photographers also feed off of your energy. Photos will turn out better when you really give them that good vibe.
5. Gently place your hand on your hip. This will convey confidence in your photos as well as make you look thinner.
6. If you have a floor length gown, wear comfy shoes. Stilettos and grass just don’t mix. Also you don’t want to get your white heels dirty before the reception.
7. Be careful with black eyeliner outside. When wearing black eyeliner it’s extremely hard to look against the sun. Not only does it create a squinty look but the photos will make your eyes look very dim and harsh.
8. When you sit on a couch, your thighs automatically appear bigger. Your upper arms have this same effect when you hold them close against your body. Hold your arm slightly away from your body during photos to avoid this flattening effect.
9. Keep the drinks to a minimum. Have you ever noticed how you sweat immediately after drinking champagne or wine? Nobody wants sweaty wedding pictures.
10. Think about the shots you want to get. Are you really going to use all those photos of yourself with a half-made face while you get yourmakeup done? You also don’t need 50 family shots. The majority of the photos should be taken of you and your fiancé.
11. Last but not least, don’t overdo anything. This includes tanning, hair dying, teeth whitening and all that good stuff. It’s much easier to Photoshop on a tan than to scrub your entire body with a wire brush like Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars (2009).

As a bonus tip, this great video I found online. 🙂


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  1. Jasmine* said

    A wonderful write up! 🙂

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