Fairy Tale Wedding in the making

November 10, 2010

On September 18th, I was surprised with a phone call from a long time friend.  He told me he was getting married and would like me to assist them with the “Day Off”.  I got so excited because he is a brother in Christ that has been single for as long as I have and waiting patiently for the right one.  How great it is to be a part of it and witness first hand what the Lord is doing in their life.  And that I did!  They were married on Sunday, November 7th.  The Lord REALLY blessed them with a FAIRY TALE wedding, just because He is sooo good like that!  I am so blessed and grateful to have been the fairy in this tale making their dream coming true!  LORD YOU ARE GOOD!
The lovely couple:  Ray & Jackie del Mar!  Separate they are beautiful people but together they are such a stunning couple… 
With only one and a half months before the big day, I knew they needed a little bit more help than just the day off services, so I had to get into a Speedy Gonzalez mode.  Andale, andale!!! 
Her dream day would have been at Disney World but instead we brought the her fairytale world to South Beach were family and friend gathered to witness and celebrate this very special union.  We meet one time per week for three weeks to plan and the execution of it all was done in only 3 weeks.  This were some of our inspirations…
We had the awesome idea of incorporating their engagement photo shoot into the wedding by adding a number so each table at the wedding would have a gorgeous picture of the couple.  This is the complete shoot by Ignacio Zancada.  Isn’t it fabulous?

I can’t wait to share this wedding with you… very soon.

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