Wedding Trends for 2011

November 24, 2010

Keeping up with new wedding trends and preparing for my next year’s brides, I came to find out that my favorite venue… the beautiful outdoors is the new trend.  Also lots of details, creativity and Rustic-Chic concepts.      Looking for examples to best relay my finds to you, I had to look no further than my own computer.   The Country Wedding that I was delighted to put together in September and strikingly captured by Patricia Dash is a great example of the wedding trends for 2011.
Whether you are into Country Weddings or not, keep this trends in mind while planning your wedding.  Just add your personality and style to have an unique, fun and elegant wedding that commemorate the both of you!

Outdoor Weddings
Celebrating out in the open is so special, unique, fun and comforting!  Even though it would be hard to predict the weather, having an outdoor wedding that fits your style and theme is a fabulous way to give your guests an unique experience.  Not to mention that it can be easier in your pocket.  The only thing is that you must remember to have a plan B, just in case the heavens would like to bless you with a little rain.
Above photo courtesy of Perfect Outdoor Weddings

Bringing Past to the Present
Vintage is definitely back!  The growing trend is to bring into your celebration details that were used in the past.  Create an atmosphere of evocative romance with vintage vases, flowers and light, including your ancestors pictures in the decorations.  If possible, recycling your grandmother’s wedding dress will not only give you a chick and unique look but it will also help your budget.  Shopping at your local vintage store for a recycled wedding dress could be another alternative.   
Simple and Beautiful
You probably heard the saying that “Less is more”.  It is true!  Country flower centerpieces can be fewer and lower in a long table creating an elegant and sophisticated look.  Also recycling glass recipients and tin cans are a growing trend to create an eco-chic and rustic ambiance, making your celebration original.  Spigot jars are so in!  Inexpensive, chick and fun way to provide water drink, lemonades and cold teas.

It’s All About the Details
Somehow they can’t go unnoticed.  The smallest detain makes a huge difference.  And this coming year, details are even more important than ever!  Everything needs to be planned from the wedding dress to the last detail.  The wedding color palates for 2011 are just bright, fun and you guested, vintage.  They should be carefully planned.  The escort cards, place cards and guest book should be original and personalized.  The tables and chairs should have your touch.  Planning some type  of entertainment or interaction for the end of the night is always a good idea.  It could be a slide show of the coupe’s life, an exit of the bride and groom under sparklers lid by all the guest, photo booth or a fun, unique and yummy late night snack.  If you do not have the time or creativity for details, think about hiring a wedding planner such as myself to transform your dream wedding into a reality.

Rustic Cakes

The cake is the highlight of the celebration right after the bride’s dress.  It should be beautiful and match the wedding theme.  The popular styles will continue to include various tears with elegance but a touch of rustic-chic.  Butter cream will replace fondant and large sugar flowers are substituted by natural flowers and sugar glazed fruits or just fun details.  A wedding cake dessert table will continue to be a hit next year.



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