Save The Date With Style

November 30, 2010

Now a days with families and friends having a full schedule and some of them most likely will need to plan a long trip to assist your wedding or event, SAVE THE DATE has become very popular.  The announcement typically states the date of the wedding or event, so friends and family will know to keep that date available.  Generally, they are sent out between six months to a year ahead of time.  

Save the date notification do not need to be formal, so go ahead be unique and let your personality show!  Be sure to send it to the people you want to attend for sure and not the “maybe’s”.  Save the date let’s you know that a formal invitation will follow.  

It’s easy to make it fun and interactive by including trivia questions for destination weddings, places of interest in that city, possible hotels, maps, etc.

The latest trend has been to utilize the pictures from your engagement session.  Some couples have gotten really creative and used props with their wedding date on it for their photo shoot.  Also, if you have the equipment you may want to shoot a video to use as the Save The Date.  These are some of the coolest videos I have found Josh Dick & Julia Schwadron and Felicia Marie & Sean.  Be creative, fun and to the point!

Here are some fun examples of what others have done.

Jennifer Lane Graphic Design
Letter Punch Design
Making The Moment Design

Once Wed Design

Borrow Tourquoise Design


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