All I want for Christmas is you

December 14, 2010

It is tough.  I am not going to lie.  Is not at all how I remember it to be, growing up in Puerto Rico, loving Christmas time!  We didn’t have much but somehow my mom managed.  She got hold of some fabric and made my sisters and I beautiful matching dresses to go with a new pair of shoes from La Gloria.  And off we were.  Thrilled!  Just as if we were going to the Oscars.  On our way to church in Noche Buena to celebrate Christ birth.  Then to visit family!  The whole Christmas day.

No, usually… there was not a Christmas gift under the tree.  In spite of my experiences from previous years, I hoped once again, delaying my desires of a Christmas gift surprise to January 6, on the Tres Reyes Mago’s day.  My beautiful display of hay I left to the camels and sometimes even some water, was not impressive enough to make the wise men stop.  But there were those glorious times where I found a dollar in my hay!  The camels might not have liked the menu but the wise men were merciful enough to leave me a tip for my efforts!

My life took a different turn than expected and today I am 1,083 miles from home.  And as I write this I long for those kind of Christmas.  Full of simplicity, family and love.

This season that inspires love and togetherness started off feeling sad and lonely.  I mean, am I alone?  Truly alone?  Even though somedays I go solo and it gets really hard to shake away that lonely feeling.  On those days that I pour out to others, when I remember that is all about giving and not receiving, those lonely feeling go away, far away.  Because, it’s the body heat that warms my heart.

It didn’t take me much to find someone that was also alone and needed a helping hand.  Since I shook my loneliness away I have taken a special friend to buy Christmas tree and decorations.  Helped and exceptional friend backstage with her two dance school recitals.  Assisted another extraordinary friend to prepare her acting studio for a two weeks live theater showcase of her performance class and gave a little extra by volunteering to help hosting the six performances.  Every experience not only exchange love and brought me great satisfaction but also gave me a purpose and a new group of friends.

There is no other holiday like Christmas!  Just reach out to another person and maybe you’ll help them get through their lonely days as well.  All they may want for Christmas is you!

At my friends home.  Her Christmas tree looks fabulous!  

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