Once In A Blue Moon

November 22, 2010

Last night I was meeting some friends on Lincoln Road for a birthday dinner.  Totally oblivious of any celestial objects, I got ready.  Since my apartment faces the water, when I opened the door to leave my home, there it was!  Beautiful and magical!  Immediately I knew something was different. 
No!  I am no moon expert but I had to research the reason why the heavens had this gorgeous display.  What I found is a “must” share information!  
Yesterday’s moon was officially BLUE at 12:28!  There are two types or categories of BLUE MOON.  The one we experienced last night is the third full moon in a season of four full moons.  We should expect the next one to happen in August 21, 2013.  The second type is when there are two full moons in one month, which last happened on December 2nd & 31st, 2009 and will repeat on August 2 & 31, 2012 and July 2 & 31, 2015.
There you have it… the moon dressed in blue!  (For all of you “moon guru” out there, I hope you enjoy the review!)

And that’s why last night while walking out of my apartment I wished I was in love.  But I am not giving up hope… maybe it will happen before the next blue moon.